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In 2022, More and more people are needing certificates such as original ielts certificate, toefl certificate, gre certificate, cae certificate, id card, drivers licence and many others. Their main question has always been how they could get these certificate without exam because they mostly don’t have the desired band score. This is why Document links came with the opportunity for users to buy IELTS certificate without exam.

Buy IELTS Certificate


Since Document link is here to be a solution to your document problems, we decided to do a research on problems faced by many so as to come up with a solution

In this article, we will answer the below questions;

  • – What is an IELTS Certificate?
  • – Is it possible to get an IELTS certificate without exam?
  • – How much does the IELTS certificate cost and how do I pay for it?
  • – Where can I find a reliable source to buy ielts certificate without exam from us.
  • – What are the uses of an IELTS certificate?
  • – Why is the IELTS certificate so popular and accepted by employers, universities and immigration authorities worldwide?

What is An IELTS Certificate

An IELTS certificate is an internationally recognized English language proficiency certification. It is issued by the British Council, IDP Education and Cambridge ESOL. Getting an original IELTS certificate without exam is possible if you buy it from a reliable source like Document link. We give you the opportunity to buy original ielts certificate online without taking any exam.

What is An IELTS Certificate

The IELTS certificate is widely accepted by universities, employers and immigration authorities around the world. It can be used for study, work or migration purposes. Buy an IELTS certificate without exam from us today and get your certification quickly and easily. We offer a fast, convenient and affordable service.

Difficulties In Getting an IELTS Certificate

The main difficulty in getting an genuine IELTS certificate is passing the test, which requires a high level of English language proficiency. The required band score for most exams are so high making it difficult for most people to pass the ielts exam.

Some certificates such as toefl certificate, gre certificate, gmat certificates, cae certificate and some few others are very important but most people who take the exam don’t get the desired score due to poor academic language.

Where To Buy IELTS Certificate Online

The fact that most people who needs ielts certificates are foreigner like Europeans, Asians, Africans, and people of other parts of the world who sometimes does not have the required English skills to get the score required to obtain the original ielts certificate. This then pushes them to buy ielts certificate without exam. Remember these are original ielts certificate without taking any ielts test.

Where To Buy IELTS Certificate Online

You have to be careful when you buy ielts certificate online because there are many sites selling fake ielts certificate. All our certificates can be verified online, at the british council, ielts center, ielts test centers and some other places.

What are the uses of an IELTS certificate?

Some people don’t understand why others will spend thousands of dollars to buy registered ielts certificate online. This is because they don’t know the uses of a genuine ielts certificate and it’s importance to it’s holders which are mostly citizens from a country which does not have English language as an official language.

In the paragraphs below, we will list the main uses of ielts certificates and also why many people are buying ielts certificates online without taking any exam or test.

There are two main reasons why people buy original ielts certificate. One is for studies and the other reason for one to need a registered ielts certificate is to get a job in an English speaking country.

IELTS certificate For Studies

Many countries and big institutions in some countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Uk and many others have most schools and universities with primary language as English. Foreigners are mostly attracted by these universities and schools and always apply to join them.

One of the conditions to join them is either to have a genuine ielts certificate, a toefl certificate, gre certificate, gmat certificate or cae certificate depending on the program you want to study.

Applicants needs to pass the ielts exam with a certain score set by each institution in order to be admitted in the school. Since they are mostly people with low English language skills, majority fails the ielts exam or test. Some prefers to buy ielts certificate without exam with actual center stamps.

IELTS certificates For Work Purposes

Many people from less developed countries like India, African countries and others like European countries wanting to work in English speaking countries like the USA, CANADA etc. must have passed and present a genuine ielts certificate. Since many are really looking to get jobs in those countries, they at times prefers to engage in IELTS certificate online buy.

Above are the two main reasons why people get ielts and toefl certificate. Those doubting can now see why people even go extra miles to buy ielts certificate online without exam.

How much does the IELTS certificate cost

The IELTS test isn’t the property of a specific country. It is claimed by various associations related to one another. These associations are the British Council, IDP Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. These associations set the IELTS cost in every nation, and in this manner, there is no decent expense for taking the IELTS test.

IELTS expenses are similar all the time for the Academic and General Training tests. Nonetheless, costs fluctuate contingent upon which country or even which city you’ll be stepping through the examination in, and it’s rarely modest!

This being said the cost of an ielts certificate just like gre certificate, gmat certificate and many other certificates are high and even risky to some others because you might end up spending such high amount of money and end up not obtaining the IELTS certificate. Taking a new test means spending double. This is why many people will instead buy ielts certificate online rather than taking the exam with the risk to fail.

Apart from ielts, people also buy toefl certificate online, buy gmat certificate online, buy gre certificate online, buy cae certificate online and many others document.

Where can I find a reliable source to buy ielts certificate without exam

What majority fails to understand is that the most important thing is not to buy ielts certificate without exam but it’s to buy original ielts certificate which is registered and genuine. There are many sites claiming to let you buy genuine ielts certificate without exam but few can really provide that.

Where can I find a reliable source to buy ielts certificate without exam

Customers interested in any certificates without exam can contact document Links for their ielts certificate buy and many other documents. At document links, you can buy ielts certificate online, buy toefl certificate online, buy gmat certificate online, buy gre certificate online, buy passports online, drivers licences, identity cards and many other documents.


All documents sold by document links are registered and can be used anywhere in the world since it is recorded in the system online. Buy original ielts certificate today and work or school in any country of your dreams.


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